Tulot Vertical Up Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo

The goal of the MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO – PINZOLO VERTICAL UP is to conquer the TULOT Audi Quattro track, which spans 2,600 meters and 900 vertical meters, vertically and as quickly as possible.

The “kicker” to the whole story is the rules – in fact, there are none!

The choice of equipment is open so long as everything is powered by your own muscles (no motors), as is the choice of route.

Speed- & Rucksack Division

  • Runners with spikes have an advantage, just as long as the course is hard and provides a firm grip …
  • Cross-country skiers using skins have an advantage, but without the right technique   …
  • Ski mountaineers / ski tourers have an advantage, but can they eke out enough of an advantage when they come to steeper terrain …
  • Racers on snow racket and crampons: have an advantage, but can they convert that into speed on flatter ground …





Speed- & Rucksack Division

Date: Saturday 18th January 2020, 6:10 p.m.

Divisions: “Speed Division” and “Rucksack Division”

Course Name: Tulot Audi quattro

Starting elevation: 800 m

Finishing elevation: 1.700 m

Elevation gain: 900 vertical meters

Course length: 2600 m

Average gradient: 35 %

Max./Min. gradient: 69 % / 8 %

Lighting: head lights, while the course hotspots are well illuminated

Suggested equipment: touring skis, cross-country skis, running shoes with spikes, crampons, snow racket, ski poles, barefoot,…





Divisions & Prizes

Speed Division

This division is the ultimate discipline in the MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO – PINZOLO VERTICAL UP!

Sub-Divisions: men’s/women’s

Timekeeping and official standings: YES

Prizes: 1.770,00 € purse each for men’s/women’s divisions / gift certificates, starter package
men’s/women’s divisions / gift certificates, starter package with a special gadget, the vertical up wool hat by Pinzolo

1st Place € 500

2nd Place € 400

3rd Place € 300

4th Place € 200

5th Place € 100

7th Place € 100

7th to the 10th Place € 50

11st – 20th Package with local products


Rucksack Division

This division is the most fun competition in the TULOT VERTICAL UP … The Battle on the Tulot Audi Quattro!

Only condition: They must carry a rucksack incl. contents (or whatever is left over) all the way to the finish line.

Timekeeping and official standings: timekeeping only, final results are posted alphabetically. Winners are those participants who finish closest to the average time clocked by all starters!

Super prize draw among all participants present at the award ceremony.

Prizes: Starter Package with a special gadget, the vertical up wool hat by Pinzolo
This year, once again, there will be a super grand prize!

District “Pinzolo” Winner

Who is the fastest in the Speed Division from the Pinzolo district? Win super prize and enjoy the honor of boasting the one, the only title of VerticalUp-Pinzolo (1st place M/W). Requirement: must be a permanent resident of Pinzolo.



The five Teams/clubs with the most starters in the entire field wins a great prize. € 500,00.



Participants with the most original costumes receive a great prize:
Important: All participants who wish to be considered in the final results have to register at the race office by no later than 5 p.m. on Saturday!

Information for participants

Start numbers/starter packages can be picked up on Friday from 5 – 9 p.m. Pala Dolomiti – Pinzolo and Saturday from 2 – 5.30 p.m. Tulot – Pinzolo!

Please be sure to bring your registration confirmation incl. barcode and liability disclaimer to check-in!

Race office: Friday 17.01. 5 – 9 p.m. Pala Dolomiti- Pinzolo, Saturday 18.01. 2 – 5.30 p.m. Tulot Pinzolo.

Results list: You can track results live on the Internet – Times appear immediately after crossing the finish!

Timekeeping chip: all-Inclusive – total cost is included in the entry fee!
The chip is integrated into the actual starting number. IMPORTANT: Don’t mistake your starting number for a luggage tag!!!

Required Equipment:

  • Helmets
  • Front Lamp
  • Rucksack (for the “Rucksack Division”)

Starter Package: We are again putting together a great starter package for all race entrants. You are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised! Special gadget the vertical up wool hat by Pinzolo for all participants.

Arrival: click to go to the route planner – free parking is available at the Tulot lift and Pala Dolomiti. It will also be a service of free mobility between the structures involved in the event – Palazzetto dello Sport Carisolo – PalaDolomiti Pinzolo.

Spectators/Support Personnel: please refer to “Spectator info”

Race briefing: 6 p.m. in the starting area, mandatory attendance.

Start: 6:310 p.m. Tulot Area – Pinzolo

Luggage Transport

  • Leave bags by no later than 5.30 p.m. in front of the Tulot lift (fire man).
  • Distributed finish of the race
  • Property must be identified by a tag/number from the starter package (not liable for damage/loss)
  • Please do not hang anything on the outside of the rucksack!


Athlete Refreshments: In the finish area

Showers and Dinner for Speed- & Rucksack Division (free)
From 7:00 p.m. at the Palazzetto dello Sport – Carisolo service showers and dinner served by the company snowfood.

Phone number for the race office: 0039 3492113725 (call if you give up/drop out of the race early)


Prize ceremony: 10:00 p.m.  Paladolomiti – Pinzolo downtown (attendance required! – prizes will only be awarded to those who are present)

Ride down the mountain: only on the Tulot lift for the participants – last lift departs at 09:00 p.m. (free for all participants)

Returning to the valley on skis or using other sporting equipment is strictly prohibited and will result in a life-long ban from the VerticalUp!

Highlights for Spectators

  • Free lift for this evening but only for spectators without skis.
  • Lift runs up the mountain from 05:00 p.m. – last ride down is at 09:00 p.m.
  • Hot spots for spectators: “Start” Bar Tulot – “Arrival” Bar Cioca
  • Prizes awarded at PalaDolomiti beginning at about 10:00 p.m. with DJ set
  • Free parking right by the Tulot lift – check out the route planner – parking also available at the Pinzolo downtown.
  • Special prize for dinner € 15,00 Palazzetto dello Sport Carisolo
  • The first athletes are expected at the finish at around 06:30 p.m.


Registration Madonna di Campiglio – Pinzolo Vertical Up
Registration deadline: Friday, 17.01. at 12 a.m.

Registration and timekeeping will be done by our partner RaceResult-Austria and RaceResult will charge a 5% fee upon registration.

  • If your division is already full, we will put you on the waiting list. If anyone cancels or fails to pay their entrance fee on time, you will automatically be moved up the list!
  • You can withdraw from the race up to 4 weeks prior to the race date – after this, the registration fee cannot be refunded !


  • 2013 –  The idea of the “Vertical Doss” is born
  • 01.2014  – 1st Vertical Doss Memorial Toni Masè with 1200 participants
  • 01.2015 –  2nd Vertical Doss Memorial Toni Masè with 1500 starters
  • 01.2016 – 1st Madonna di Campiglio – Pinzolo Vertical Up with 1200 participants
  • 01.2017 – 2nd Madonna di Campiglio – Pinzolo Vertical Up with 1200 participants
  • January 2018 – 3rd Madonna di Campiglio – Pinzolo Vertical Up with 1300 participants