The picturesque village of Selva di Val Gardena is characterized by its “sporting soul”.

It is a fixed destination for lovers of sport and the open air, both in summer and winter. Given the great success of last year we are pleased to announce that also this winter there will be the sporting event XTREME – UP DOLOMITES VAL GARDENA, a race that aims to conquer the summit of Ciampinoi along the slope number “3”, in the shortest possible time.

Each participant can choose the equipment he prefers, as long as he uses only his strength. You can also freely choose your route (for the speed class) and the detours (for the backpack class).

  • Participants who choose the spikes have a good chance of winning as long as the track is hard and not very slippery;
  • Cross-country skiers on sealskin skis have a good chance, provided they have the right technique;
  • Mountaineering skiers can gain a great advantage on steep terrain;
  • With snowshoes and spikes you can gain an advantage on flat ground;

The winner is whoever combines maximum strength and the best technique with the best equipment!


Date: Saturday 1st of Februar 2020, 6:30 pm

Ratings: „Speed“ and „Backpack“

Slope: Ciampinoi Nr. 3

Start: 1.550 m

Arrival: 2.250 m

Difference in altitude: 700 hm (to the height profile)

Length of track: 2370 m

Ø Inclination: 27 %

Max. Inclination: 40 %

Lighting: headlamps and hotspots on the slope are effectively illuminated

Material proposals: Touring skis, cross-country skis, running shoes with spikes, crampons, snowshoes, ski poles, barefoot, …

Course record M: Zemmer Michael (ITA) 26:45,9



This competition is the “supreme discipline” of DOLOMITES – VAL GARDENA XTREME UP!

Each athlete will master the legendary Ciampinoi slope no. 3 vertically as fast as possible after free choice of material. Everything is allowed, as long as everything happens under your own power during the race.

Ratings: Men/Women

Timekeeping and ranking: YES

Backpack (Hobby)

This competition is the “absolute fun competition” within the framework of DOLOMITES VAL GARDENA – XTREME UP.

Every athlete can master the Ciampinoi slope no. 3 at any speed, according to his choice of material.

Timekeeping and ranking: only timekeeping, alphabetical order.
The participant closest to the average time of all starters wins!


This year there is an extra rating for the handicap class.

Special classifications:
  • First South Tyrolean racer
  • First foreign racer
  • First participant from Val Gardena
  • Larger group
  • Extravagant clothing
Vertical-Up Tour Rating:

The best 3 participants M/W from the three tour stops will receive the following prizes:

1st place € 300
2nd place € 200
3rd place € 100


Startnumber distribution: on Friday 31.01.2020, from 4pm to 6pm and Saturday 01.02.2020 from 10am to 12pm and from 2:30pm to 5pm in the Race Office “Active & Events” at the Nives Square in Selva Val Gardena.

Disclaimer declaration: Please print it, fill it in, sign it and bring it to the race office!(DOWNLOAD)

Starting package: Will be handed out to each participant at the collection of the startnumber.

Compulsory equipment: headlamp and helmet

Free Parking: Isgla parking place (Selva Val Gardena) or paid parking in the area

Transportation of the backpacks: Backpacks must be handed in at the start area Frëina slope within 6pm and must be marked with the according start number

Race meeting: 6:15pm start area Frëina slope, the presence is compulsory

Start: Frëina slope at 6:30pm with cannon shot

Finish: Ciampinoi mountain station at 2,250 m

Slope: No. 3 Ciampinoi

Refreshment: Saslonch hut and finish area on the Ciampinoi.

Interim: Saslonch hut at 2,100 m and 1.79 km after takeoff.

Checkpoint: Saslonch hut until 8:45pm. Participants who reach the checkpoint after 8:45pm are disqualified and will be stopped and taken up by a snowmobile to the Ciampinoi mountain station.

Return: only with the Ciampinoi cable car (free for participants). Last descent at 9:00pm. The descent on the slopes is prohibited.

Prize distribution: 9:15pm in the cultural center “Oswald von Wolkenstein” (Pitla Sala).

Ratings: SPEED, BACKPACK and HANDICAP in the two categories Men and Women.

Pasta party: from 8pm onwards in the Pitla Sala at the Cultural Centre “Oswald von Wolkenstein”. The voucher (food & drink) is attached at the start number.

Race Director: Luciano Montrucoli

IMPORTANT: In case the event must be canceled due to major force, bad weather or similar, the entry fee will not be refunded. We hope for your understanding!




Registration start: 10.10.2019 at 10:10 am

Registration Dolomites Val Gardena Xtreme Up – Vertical Up Tour

Registration deadline: 01.02.2020, 4PM

A refund of the entry fee is excluded. A postponement to the following year is not possible.