Vertical Up Val Gardena 2018

Punctually at 18:30 the starting signal was given in the finish area of the Saslong World Cup Course in Gröden for Vertical Up. Round about 200 starters rose to the challenge to overcome the Saslong World Cup Course with a length of 2.385 meters, partly a steep angle of 60 degrees and an altitude difference of 600 height meters.

Under tough conditions, Hannes Perkmann outclassed his competition from the strongly occupied speed category in a high-class race with a time of 18:41,7. With such outstanding time, he relegated his competitors Alexander Oberbacher and Hans-Peter Meyer to places two and three.

Among the female participants, Marlies Penker reached the finish line first and calls herself the winner. Annelise Felderer came second place, while Susanne Mair came third place. Carmen Runggaldier and Alexander Oberbacher won the ski tour category.


Here are all results.


  1. Marlies Penker, 23:13,3
  2. Annelise Felderer, 23:22,0
  3. Susanne Mair, 23:28,2


  1. Hannes Perkmann, 18:41,7
  2. Alexander Oberbacher, 19:44,6
  3. Hans-Peter Meyer, 20:18,3



  1. Walter Schiegl, 37:30,9



  1. Carmen Runggaldier, 30:50,4
  2. Manuela Perathoner, 32:47,1
  3. Silvia Insam, 45:10,8


  1. Alexander Oberbacher, 19:44,6
  2. Martin Schneider, 22:07,8
  3. Daniel Ploner, 23:17,6